One of the challenges of migration is the adult literacy

In response to the dynamic migration processes and the growing need for adult literacy, Caritas Sofia offers contrastive alphabetization training in Bulgarian. Since the end of 2018 Caritas Sofia has been working on the EUKOAL project funded by the Erasmus + program to adapt and apply the methodology in Bulgaria.

Contrastive alphabetization is based on the search for links between the foreign language and the mother tongue. Project partners are GIZ (Germany) and the Vocational Training Institute in Linz, BFI (Austria). The leading German organization has been developing the method since 2012 and shares its experience with partners through regular meetings, trainings and observations in Germany and Austria. In January Caritas Sofia hosted a meeting of foreign teachers. In addition to getting acquainted with all Caritas Sofia's activities and language courses for third-country nationals, the experience of the new Bulgarian language literacy classes held at the St. Anna Centre. Among the participants in the group are people who have lived and worked in Bulgaria for many years, speak Bulgarian, but have difficulties with reading and writing.

The main specifics are related to the analysis of similarities and differences of sounds, words and sentence structure, which facilitates the avoidance of difficulties in learning a foreign language and enhances the ability for both writing and reading as well as listening to comprehension and speaking.